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Jimmy Carlin Autistic?

Why are people saying Jimmy Carlin is autistic? I really don’t think this is true. I watched an interview of him and he didn’t seem like he was autistic. An autistic person wouldn’t answer the interviewer’s questions as directly as he did. Granted he was saying some weird things, but he was just being funny. He’s just a goofy guy. Man I wish I had the hardflips that Carlin is so gifted with.


The right choice

According to Transworld,  Joey Brezinski switched his truck sponsor from grind king to independent. I think he made a wise choice. Honestly, I hate grind king, Ive had a few sets of GK in my day and they all broke prematurely. Plus they have that kingpin that can only be tightened with an axle wrench. Noone ever has an axle wrench on them when out skating. Now independent is a brand you can trust. I’ve been riding a pair of indies for over a year and they are still going strong. Independents are like van’s shoes they’ve been around so long you know there good. Just listen to what Andrew Reynolds has to say about Independent. The boss knows what he’s talking about.

What a talanted skateboarder Brezinski is. Guy’s got some amazing heelflip variations and manny skills for days. You don’t really see that many people busting double heelflips. I’m really glad to see Brezinski getting the hype he deserves


Skateboarding is a $5 billion dollar a year Industry and is recognized as the 6th most popular sport in America.  Pro skater Steve Berra wrote a fantastic piece about this at the Berrics website.

Skateboarding has progressed astronomically over the past 10 years. It has gotten to the point where if you can’t grind down a 15 stair hand rail, you can’t be taken serious in the industry. I see little kids half my age destroying skate parks….. and themselves in the process. If you talk to them they don’t even seem to be having fun. Which is the reason we all started skating in the first place. All these kids care about is getting sponsored, and they will break as many bones as it takes to get there. I admire their persistence, but that is not what skating’s about.  The bar of what is considered “gnarly” skateboarding has been pushed so high that it is borderline self mutilation.  If you look at a skate video from 10 or 15 years ago, you’ll notice it wasn’t about how many stairs you could jump down or who could out do who. It was just skating, in its purest form and it was fun. Here’s a link to Jason Lee’s part in Blind Video Days, which was released in 1995.

Jason Lee

Now compare that to Ryan Shecklers latest part.


The progression is amazing no doubt, but it seems like all the fun was sucked out in the process.