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nick matthews

Here’s a kid from my home town who kills it everytime he steps on a board. Dudes name is Nick Matthews and he’s only 14. He rides for Ollie Pop, Krush Skatepark, Bad Boyz Toyz Skate Shop, Adio and OGIO. check out some of his video’s. This kids going to be a big name in skateboarding in a few years keep an eye on him.


digital nation- not skateboard related

After watching the frontline special digital nation, I was given the impression that technology is a double-edged sword. The internet for example, it gives us an infinite amount of information at our fingertips but at the same time it makes us lazier. One segment of the special shows a middle school that teaches its students through the use of their own personal laptops. Then teachers complain that these kids are being distracted by the computer. Well of course thats going to happen. Personally if I have work to do I find I do it best and fastest if I have the least of pieces of technology around me. As a journalist I think all these advances in technology ultimately make the job easier. That also means it is easier to get distracted, but you just have to have will power. That was the problem with the “gamer addicts.” They had no will power. I think the internet is the greatest tool and curse a journalist can use. It makes finding information so easy but sometimes that information is false. This brings me to the “second life” segment. Honestly I thought it was stupid. Replacing an office setting with a virtual one is moronic. It sounds like it could be a good idea but……you never know who is on the other side of the computer, it could be anyone.


Why are there so many haters in skateboarding? I’m not talking about people who don’t skate either. There’s so many skaters out their just bent on criticizing how other’s skate.   Everyone is so obsessed about style these days, and everythings gotta be flip in flip out. let’s all remember we are doing this FOR fun.

Neen Williams

Neen Williams is such a talented skater, his style is so cool, his flip tricks are like in slow motion. Why is he so underrated, this guys from chicago and definitely deserves some more attention. He toured with Tosh Towned last summer and they released a video called sin habits, check it out. Remember the annoying little kid in Baker2g, Knox Godoy from 10 years ago? He’s in it too