Why are there so many haters in skateboarding? I’m not talking about people who don’t skate either. There’s so many skaters out their just bent on criticizing how other’s skate.   Everyone is so obsessed about style these days, and everythings gotta be flip in flip out. let’s all remember we are doing this FOR fun.

    • yo
    • February 11th, 2010

    let’s all remember we are doing this fun.?!?!?

    doesn’t make sense keith kirchart

      • karmaspayment
      • February 11th, 2010

      dude seriously how much time do u spend on my blog hating. I know about skateboarding son, and i can deff. throw down. That first post was bullshit. It was an in class assignment and I was just writing anything to get out of class. we get graded on our views which is why I posted that blog on TWS. I know who heath kirchart is I spelled his name wrong cause I was in a hurry. and i still say hes not that dope he’s got mad pop and steezy kickflips and backside flips but wheres the tech. He was all the rage 10 years ago cause he hit massive rails and ledges that noone else would even touch. But what little kid isn’t throwing themselves down the same rails and hubbas these days. Dont believe me. Why don’t you you tube a kid called Nick Matthews who rides for krush skatepark. Dudes 13 and back 50ed Hollywood high, among other amazing feats. I’m sure you’ve heard of krush being that ur the skateboarding wizard and all. Kirchart’s skills don’t even compare to MJ, Dude comes from a different generation his skills don’t match the bar of today’s pros. And for the record tons of people argue that Jimmy Carlin is autistic. Guess you didn’t know that either.

      • karmaspayment
      • February 11th, 2010

      ohh yah and thanks for letting me know I forgot the word for. Maybe you could be a copy editor, or maybe you can just get a life and stop being a hater. I bet ur one of those assholes at a skatepark who laughs at little kids cause they haven’t mastered their kickflips yet even though they just started learning.

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