The Boss

Where to even start writing when it comes to Andrew Reynolds? The word Inspiration is thrown around quite abit in skateboarding. When it comes to Reynolds the dude bleeds inspiration. Reynolds will kickflip a 16 stair and make it look like its flatground. And if it is flatground his looks better ……just better. His front side flips are mesmerizing.  Simply put they look like art. Just the sound of that pop catch flip gives me shivers. Nollie 360 down Carlsbad……thats just unfathomable. He’s got every other trick too, every video part is a fresh bag. The dudes been skating for 20 years he’s over 30 and still progressing.  Aside from technical ability he also started Baker…..which created an entire army inspiration. Thats why he’s the boss.

His bio

heres his part in baker 3

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