erik ellington

I really like ellington and I always have. His style is so original, alot of people hate it but i love it. He’ll do a trick and land kinda sketchy but somehow turns it into steeze. From my own perspective I appreciate the trick a little more. Ellington isnt a robotic skater like P-Rod or Lutzka. Everything he throws down he rolls away from a litte differently. He’s not the most tech skater but you never know what hes gonna throw down. Those bigspin front boards look llike gold, and that big spin down carlsbad, absolutely epic. Plus I hear Ellington is an all around nice guy. Not cocky at all, and truly appreciates where he has gotten in skateboarding. The mans living the dream and really deserves it.

Check out some vids

I really like this epicly’d later part, you really get a feel for ellingtons personality

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