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Corey Duffel

God Corey Duffel is such a fruitcake.


kareem campbell

WHatever happened to kareem campbell. He fell off the earth.

Jerry Hsu

Jerry Hsu is so technical. He blows my mind

Kerry Getz

Getz has been around for over a decade and he’s still out there proving his skills every day. Much props.

Bam Margera

Element should really drop Bam. His 15 minutes of fame are over, and as a skateboarder he just doesn’t cut it. Look at this weak stuff he puts out. Also HIM is the gayest band ever.

Geoff Rowley

Can’t forget old Rowley. I’ve always liked this guy since I was a kid.

brandon biebel

I don’t understand how someone Biebel’s size can be so technical. Regardless he’s got the gift.