louie barletta

Louie Barletta is so sick. I love his style


The gonz

Where would skateboarding be without Mark Gonzales. Then man’s a legend among legends.

Pete Clodfelter

This kid went to my highschool and he rips so hard. His style is so unique, and he is so good on tranny. No comply blunt kickflip fakie…..incredible. Pete deserves some more hype. here’s some vids.

Skate Mafia???

Whats with all this skate Mafia stuff? I don’t mean to hate but when did skateboarding become so gangster? Here’s some clips to decide for yourself if this is the right direction for skateboarding.

Dustin Dollin

I love Dollin, and pretty much the whole baker team. His kickflips are so proper and original. Plus he’s drunk 90 percent of the time when he’s skating, which makes him a baller.

Marisa Dal Santo

This girl, yes girl comes outta Illinois. I’ve seen her ripping Krush Skatepark plenty of times.I love seeing girls skate better then me, not really. Marisa’s got some dope style though and that’s a pretty rare among girl skaters, plus she makes Elissa Steamer look silly. Shes posted out in California right now ridding for Zero and just got signed with Innes. It’s so wonderful to see skaters making it from the Midwest.

Here’s her part from a local video called Destruction Squirrel 4.

And heres Zero Stange World part

erik ellington

I really like ellington and I always have. His style is so original, alot of people hate it but i love it. He’ll do a trick and land kinda sketchy but somehow turns it into steeze. From my own perspective I appreciate the trick a little more. Ellington isnt a robotic skater like P-Rod or Lutzka. Everything he throws down he rolls away from a litte differently. He’s not the most tech skater but you never know what hes gonna throw down. Those bigspin front boards look llike gold, and that big spin down carlsbad, absolutely epic. Plus I hear Ellington is an all around nice guy. Not cocky at all, and truly appreciates where he has gotten in skateboarding. The mans living the dream and really deserves it.

Check out some vids

I really like this epicly’d later part, you really get a feel for ellingtons personality