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Jamie Thomas

Just wanted to post a blog about Jamie Thomas. He’s definitely one of my all time favorites. His part in chomp on this was absolutely amazing. There’s a reason why they call him The Chief.

Skateparks and shops in Illinois

Heres some shops and parks in the midwest area.

switch big flip down carlsbad?

I was on the transworld site and came across this kid named Trevor McClung. I never heard of him before but I won’t forget his name now. The kid was ridiculously close to landing a switch big flip down Carlsbad, which would be the sickest thing thrown down Carlsbad to date. Check out the video

I looked on You Tube for some other video’s of Trevor, apparently he has two brothers that skate as well and all three of them kill it. I couldn’t find much on just Trevor, mostly a bunch of one clip hammers. I did come across this vid that feature him and his brother Trent.

I really  like this kids style. His tricks are clean but not robotic.  I’m sure he’ll roll away from Carlsbad soon.

Mattoon Skatepark

If anyone lives in the Campaign-Urbana part of Illinois check out Mattoon’s new park, it’s really more of a plaza, it’s set up really nicely. Good ledges, a pretty gnarly quarter pipe, a steep bank, rails and stair sets. All concrete.  It’s off exit 190 on I-57 down Logan street. Here’s a forum with some more info.

The Boss

Where to even start writing when it comes to Andrew Reynolds? The word Inspiration is thrown around quite abit in skateboarding. When it comes to Reynolds the dude bleeds inspiration. Reynolds will kickflip a 16 stair and make it look like its flatground. And if it is flatground his looks better ……just better. His front side flips are mesmerizing.  Simply put they look like art. Just the sound of that pop catch flip gives me shivers. Nollie 360 down Carlsbad……thats just unfathomable. He’s got every other trick too, every video part is a fresh bag. The dudes been skating for 20 years he’s over 30 and still progressing.  Aside from technical ability he also started Baker…..which created an entire army inspiration. Thats why he’s the boss.

His bio

heres his part in baker 3

My Top three fav. skaters. number 1

I came up with the idea of dedicating three posts to my top three skaters of all time. Now a little background info I’m 22 years old so the skaters that were my hero’s as a kid may not still be considered the best of the best today, and remember i said may. However, these guys are legends and deffintly had an incredible impact on progressing skateboarding to where it is today.  The man of this page is Tom Penny. Everyone knows the more stylish a trick is the more golden it looks. And Mr. Penny created more gold then the federal reserve……yah that was lame. But Penny is definitely the king of style. I think he the best kickflip in the industry. We all know that Reynolds has the best front side flips, and I’ve got much love for Andrew, but I like how Penny flicks his better. Penny was never the most technical skater, but when normal people performed tricks, Penny created art.    How about that chained of bank, Penny absolutely killed that spot. just check out this vid.

Switch backside flip down to bank,  absolutely insane. I think after that session that spot should have been permanently closed off.  But it wasn’t, I know at least one kid kickfliped the whole thing to flat, which definitely shows progression considering Penny killed this spot back in 96, but at the same time I find it a little bit disrespectful. There’s plently of other spots so why try to take the Kings Crown, I know the dudes just trying to get his name out there, and skateboarding wouldn’t be at the level it is without competition. But in this case, I think this spot should have been left to Penny.    I’m sure other’s will argue with me on that

Here’s a link to the “art” of Tom Penny